Queen of the Nile Slot

Queen of the Nile Slot Review

The Queen of the Nile slot game mirrors the fun Queen of the Nile of ancient Egypt. The slot free online casino game features a legendary queen surrounded by a mystery that is worth unravelling.

With bounty payouts, incredible music effects, multiple winning combos, and a great dynamic, the slot machine quickly attracts your attention. And if you get too addicted, you may have a hard time bringing yourself to stop playing the game once you commit to it.

The developer of this free slot machine is no other one but Aristocrat. They have been in the business of providing fantastic slot machines for a while now. Therefore, it is necessary to say that they know their onions. So if you frequent the casino often, you probably already know that all slot games by Aristocrat are among the best in the gambling industry. Popular games by Aristocrat include but are not limited to Tiki Torch, Pompeii, Red Baron.

Queen of the Nile Slot Machine

Queen of the Nile is yet another superb addition to their ever-growing and exciting library of games. A game of luck that gives anyone the chance to go home with a heavy pocket, we would say.

The hallmark of the Queen of the Nile is that it requires no tricks or hacks to play. But if you want to know more about the game and learn some of the tips used by the overall best winners to earn big at this slot, this Queen of Nile by Aristocrat review is a perfect place to start.

Queen of the Nile Theme and Design

Aristocrat Online slot machines stand out as one of the best of all time. They capture the essence of real casino gambling, doing the same thing with the Queen of the Nile free online slot.

The graphics of this slot machine is moderate. It is not so sleek when compared with the most modern creations of Aristocrat or other online game providers.

Not to worry, the graphics do not deter the game from seamlessly hitting the basics and giving the player a great feel. Thanks to its many beautiful icons like the sands of the desert, beautiful scorching sun, amazing landscapes, and much more.

Queen of the Nile meets most players’ demands and even surpasses their expectations. It allowed them to play for hours without the actual distractions caused by most other slot machines.

And there are even better ways Aristocrat made sure that the players of the online Queen of Nile slot machine get the absolute best experience from the game.

For example, Queen of the Nile comes with a classic tune, which ensures you are present while the fun and excitement go down.

More so, if you enjoy playing in silence, you can deactivate these effects at any time by clicking on the configuration button represented by the cogwheel. The button is located on the lower right part of the screen.

Queen of the Nile Features

It features the usual and popular five reels and three rows. The game has up to 20 possible pay lines, and it offers players low to mid-range variance.

By default, when you first access this slot machine, the bet is set at $ 0.02 credits for each of the 20 pay lines, adding up to a total bet per spin of $ 0.40.

You can modify the bet by adjusting the total number of lines you want to bet (from 1 to 20) and the full credits to bet per line from a minimum of $ 0.02 to $ 2.50.

The maximum bet on the queen of the Nile slot machine is $60 per spin. Keep in mind that the more lines you include in the bet, the more chances of winning you have.

Further, Queen of the Nile has way over 60 gambling combinations. Therefore, it accommodates both casual slot fans merely looking to pass the time with it. Also, making space for the big guns who frequent the casino for the next massive score.

Queen of the Nile Slot Bonus Game

You will find 12 figures that give the right to a prize in the free Queen of the Nile slot machine.

As in other similar machines, they are divided into two groups according to the prizes.

In the pack of more modest prizes, you find the figures with the highest value of the deck of French playing cards. The symbols, ordered from best to the highest prize, are 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A.

In the band of figures that award the highest prizes, you could find those related to the slot machine’s theme. They’re also ordered from best prize to jackpot and include:

  • The flowers of the Nile
  • The eye of Ra
  • The scarab beetle
  • The Golden Ring
  • Pharaoh’s Mask
  • The Queen of the Nile

You can consult all the details about the prizes to which each combination of figures entitles, the configuration of the different prize lines, and other game components by clicking on the button.

If you want to play Autoplay mode in Queen of the Nile, you must configure it by adjusting the + and – buttons located above the Play button.

You can as well adjust from 5 to 25 consecutive automatic spins. However, ensure that you have enough balance to make all the spins since the bet that you leave fixed at the beginning of the autoplay mode will be the one that is applied to all the reels.

Some of the icons you should target while playing to earn big is Hieroglyphics. It rewards you with up to 125 coins for achieving three to five matching icons.

Another is the Scarab beetles. It gives 400 coins for spotting it. The all-seeing eyes and the Nile thistle earns you about 25 coins when they are spotted.

Queen of the Nile Bonuses and Extras

The Aristocrat Queen of the Nile casino game is also moderate about their extras, but the few they have are exciting and draw people to the game.

Freebies and bonuses make this casino game more fun. Here, the Queen of the Nile slot game has two significant rewards: Scattered Pyramid and Wild Queen Cleopatra.

  • Scattered Pyramid. To enjoy this  slot bonus is quite simple. All you need to do is ensure three pyramid icons appear in the slot. The arrangement of the pyramid icons doesn’t matter. Just ensure three pyramid icons appear in the slot. This bonus gives you access to free 15 spins, and each win from the 15 spins is tripled.
  • Wild Queen Cleopatra. The Queen Cleopatra symbol is the most valuable in the Queen of the Nile casino game. It becomes more valuable if you get five Cleopatra to appear in a winning combination.

Getting five Cleopatra symbols to appear in the winning combination makes you worthy of coins of up to 9,000 and 3 000 credits.

More so, if a Cleopatra symbol appears in a winning combination, you can substitute it for any other symbol except the pyramid icon.

Queen of the Nile on Mobile

Interestingly, you can also play Queen of the Nile slot game on your mobiles. Aristocrat ensures you have access to all the slot slot slot features and specifics on your phone and desktops with a beautiful interface.

However, this machine is programmed on Flash, which will mean you must have Adobe Flash installed on your device before you’re able to play Queen of the Nile online for free from your computer with Windows, Mac Os, or Linux.

Real Money and Online Payment Methods

Just as there is the free version of the Queen of Nile slot game, there is also the paying version. Switching to real money Queen of the Nile is slot is also effortless. However, it depends on the online casino sites where you choose to try your luck to a considerable extent.

Most reputable online casino sites offering this slot use both MasterCard and Visa cards as portals of deposit and withdrawal for players. You play and earn real money.

Also, online payment sites like Paypal, Ecopayz, Skrill, and many more are accepted. You can as well pay with cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin.

However, you must be sure of the credibility of the website before registering and funding it.

Is Queen of the Nile Worth Playing?

Although the Queen of the Nile slot has a simple interface, the free online Queen of the Nile slot machine does the basics of slot games well. The payout frequency, bonuses, and perks make it more encouraging to play. And when you play, you win real money and enjoy the game too.

The drawbacks of the Queen of Nile I slot- like the rusty interface and monuments are all made up for in the second and third series of the trilogy; Queen of Nile II and Queen of Nile III, respectively.

Overall, it is an excellent game with a simple interface. This makes it easy for beginners to master and offers veterans the opportunity to better their overall score. We recommend you to try it out.


Where can I play Queen of the Nile for real money?

Queen of the Nile is a world-renowned casino game and can be played in almost all countries, both offline and online.

However, Queen of the Nile is not available for online cash payments in some countries.

Which bonuses are there available in Queen of the Nile by Aristocrat?

You get free games by landing three to five different scatters on the reels with all your wins tripled. Precisely, you get 15 extra games, the number of which could increase if you land another three to five scatter.

How can I switch to a Queen of the Nile real money game?

Simply choose a credible Queen of the Nile site, fund your wallet, and start earning real money.

Is Queen of Nile safe to play?

All you need to do is to select a credible site. There you can drop all your details and money.

Can I play Queen of the Nile on a mobile platform?

Yes. You can play the Queen of the Nile on all mobile gadgets with the same experience and better interface. In fact, on mobile platforms, the casino game is more optimized.

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