Ali Baba Slot

Slot games are all about spinning the reels and winning massive payouts. If the claim holds, then there are not many slot machines that beat Ali Baba.

The Ali Baba slot machine comes with five reels and 20 paylines, which increases your chances of hitting the jackpot on each spin. It also has eye-catching visuals and an excellent storyline that keeps you entertained while doing what you know how to do best – spinning the wheels.

Ali Baba Slot Game

The slot machine is an innovation of the creatives at Leander Games. Leander games are a prominent slot provider in the online gaming community. They started operation in 2008 and have since developed an exciting library of games that leaves players with a thrilling experience. The beauty of each game developed by Leander Games lies in the unique way they blend aesthetics into slot games.

Their collection of games has also earned them recognition from some of the most popular casino websites worldwide. Their games’ collection includes popular mentions like the Cleopatras Riches, Dragon Slots, Enchanting Spells, Kraken Conquest, etc. You would have no regrets trying them out.

Ali Baba Game Theme and Design

The name of the slot machine leaves nothing to the imagination. The Leander Games inspired to develop the Ali Baba Slot game from the popular children’s folk tale One Thousand and One Nights.

Leander Games Ali Baba starts with a mythic desert in the background. The desert’s large cave and colourful dunes are a beauty to behold. The cave has a crease and is believed to be ‘open sesame.’

You agree that the real desert setting is incomplete without hunting equipment and dreadful wild animals. The game operators did an excellent job of imbuing a curved dagger, creaky monkey, bracelet, golden pot, a snake, camel, and musical instruments into the setting.

The ominous music tone lets you appreciate the seriousness of the moment. The sound effect is a little generic but still goes well with the story.

Generally, the Ali Baba game’s theme and symbols are Arabic, appealing to middle eastern gambling enthusiasts. The music, storyline, symbols, animation, and graphics are catchy.

Ali Baba Game Features

Ali Baba Slot Bonus Game

The Online Ali Baba slot machine is a modern video slot with many excellent game features and bonus rounds that make you want to play it. The most obvious of the game feature is its five reels. Each reel has three rows and 20 paylines. You have the freedom to play any line of bets between 1 and 20.

Therefore, the 20 paylines are not there to scare you away. Instead, they help to increase your winning combination.

You get to win any time two or three consecutive symbols appear on a payline moving from left to right. And for better wins, you can attempt landing five straight symbols in a row.

Another outstanding feature of Ali Baba is its default RTP of 96.89%. With an RTP as high as this, the Ali Baba casino game gives players one of the highest returns on every bet. Those features are just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s reveal the ice itself: the symbols and the bonus rounds. The two features allow you to make the most out of your spins.


One other reason why you should play the Ali Baba slot is the icons in the paytable. Let’s look at all the symbols the game has to offer.

  • Ali Baba: This is the top player and the highest paying symbol in the paytable. It pays you up to 2500 coins when you land 5 of them in a row.
  • Thief symbol: This is the second-highest paying symbol in the slot. It pays 4x your line bet when you land 2 of the symbols. The payout is 800 coins when you have five icons on a payline.
  • The belly dancer: Morgiana is Ali Baba’s loyal servant who saved her master’s life twice. She was credited as the wild because of these heroics. The belly dancer covers the reel when she appears and substitutes for other symbols. The symbol pays 12coins for three icons, 40x your bet for four, and 150 coins when you land five icons.
  • Treasures: The treasure in this slot is the urn of gold and bracelets. They act as the standard scatter symbol. They pay you 25x to 100x of your bet. This depends on the number of symbols you land.
  • The animal symbol: The game features many animals like the monkey, snakes, camel, etc. They are mid-range symbols that offer up to 300x of your line bet.

Bonus Features

There are just two bonus features available on the Ali Baba reels. But they could offer up to 25 free spins, 6x multipliers, and 2500 coins on a lucky day. Let’s take a look at the two bonuses in an instant.

Gold or Bandit Bonus Rounds

This is also known as the Pick me round bonus. The bandit bonus round is triggered when you land three special bonus symbols on the central reels ( 2, 3, and 4).

Once you initiate the spin, you will find yourself in front of 6 red vases, where you get to make six picks. You will likely find a beautiful urn of gold or another treasure when you open the vase. They will give you an instant cash prize.

If you’re not so lucky, a tiny monkey will be waiting for you in the vase. The monkey makes some funny noise that signals the den of thieves, and you will lose a life.

Don’t worry, that’s not the end of the game. Ali Baba could rescue you three times in such situations. All your cash prizes will be added up at the end of the round.

Free Spin Bonus

The Ali Baba free spin bonus feature is triggered when the open Sesame symbol lands on reel 1, 3, and 5. With this bonus feature, you get to select between a low, medium, or high variance. So, you (and not the dealer) dictate the tempo of your own game. Don’t forget that a game with low variance has a high payout over many spins but low max winning potential.

At the end of the free spin bonus round, all the prizes won will be paid out. Besides the multipliers and extra spins, you may also get to win other payouts. For example, the wild symbols give you additional wins when they land on reel 1. And the scatter symbol is available for grabs too.

Mobile Experience

The free online Ali Baba slot machine is available on all mobile devices. Therefore, you can safely launch the game on Android and Apple iOs mobile devices.

If you enjoy playing on a big screen, the Ali baba slot is compatible with your PC and tablet. So, you don’t have to miss out. The game’s quality is topnotch, and the gameplay is exciting. Thanks to the HTML5 software and ingenuity of the developers at Leander Games.

Real Money Game

If you are looking for just the adventure, you can play the Ali Baba slot online for free. You sure will have a good time. But, since you want to win some cash while having fun, depositing some money will be a good idea.

Here are the steps to follow to play the Ali Baba slot online for real money:

  • Find a licensed online casino offering the Ali Baba slot.
  • Check their rules, guidelines, and payment option.
  • Register at the casino for free to claim the NDB, and seasonal bonus
  • Try the demo version of the free Ali Baba slot to master the gameplay. You may luckily discover a winning strategy too.
  • Deposit some funds, and set the line bet amount. The line bet ranges from 0.2$ to 20$
  • depending on the number of paylines.
  • Start playing the Ali Baba online slot game for real money.

Is it worth Playing Ali Baba?

The Ali Baba slot machine is a game of adventure, life, and death. If diving into a cave inhabited by a gang of 40 bloody thieves in search of gold is more like an adventure to you, then you should try the Ali Baba slot already.

Every slot game’s beauty is the rush of adrenaline they give players and the payouts’ propensity. The Ali Baba slot machine is excellent for having fun.

Ali Baba is an exciting game with five reels, 20 paylines, and 96.89% RTP. The high payline means you can form many winning combos. And when you win, you are going home with a decent proportion of your stake.

The game boasts of jaw-dropping features and great bonus rounds. A maximum of 25 ‘open sesame’ free spins is about the highest out of any Arabian themed game. It allows you to spin the reel severally and win many coins. Its progressive jackpot can turn you into the next millionaire if you spend more to play and master the slot’s tricks.

The game’s theme is enchanting, the graphic is HD, and the speed is fast. The terrifying music, generic sound effect, and animal symbols all consolidate the Arabian desert experience, which the game provider and slot dealer seek to immerse you in.


Where can I play Ali Baba for real money?

Ali Baba is a viral casino game. It is offered in many of the famous casinos worldwide. So, there is a good chance you will be able to play Ali Baba for real money in any of the licensed casinos.

Which bonuses are there available in Ali Baba by Leander Games?

There are two unique bonus features available at this slot. The Gold or Bandit bonus is triggered when you land three consecutive symbols on reels 2,3 and 4. The other bonus feature is the free spin bonus that allows you to earn as much as 25 free spins, 6x multiplier, and 2500 jackpots.

How can I switch to the Ali Baba real money game?

Switching from the free Ali Baba slot to real money is straightforward. You just have to find an online casino slot that has this game in their deck. Register at the casino. Deposit cash through any of their listed payment options. And you are good to go.

Is Ali Baba safe to play?

Leander Games are infamous for developing some of the most reliable slot machines. Ali Baba is no exception. So, yes, it is safe to play Ali Baba. But you have to do yourself a favour. Only play at a fully licensed casino with a secure payment gateway.

Can I play Ali Baba on mobile?

Yes. You can play the free Ali Baba slot machine online on all devices without any loss in quality.