Free Video Slots with Bonus Games

Free? Who does not want free things? Free video slots are popular with both players and casinos. Players benefit from free online gaming with no money at stake. Casinos entice more customers by making players test games on their websites. So, it’s a win-win situation. Free video slots are a perfect way to try a new release. Thus, players can check as many games as they want without being limited to the budget. What’s more, free games require no download. So, you can play them in the browser. For a new player, it means to hone their skills. While for a seasoned gambler, it means to pick the game with better payouts.

What Are Video Slot Machines?

Video slots are the most popular category on casino gaming websites. They have more than three reels. It results in a greater number of paylines, symbols and mini-games. Video slots bring in various themes from movies to historical events. Thus, they resonate with a broader audience. Such innovations have advanced gameplay and turned classic slots into online video slots. Therefore, it has enriched gaming experience. Anyone can find a slot to their taste. It may be an adventure game with animated elements, feature-rich or progressive jackpot slot. 

On top of that, you can play on mobile. You can easily access it on smartphones or tablets. Android, iOS and Windows users can play almost any slot on the go.


It all started with Fortune Coin Co. The company created the first video slot in 1976. Thus, the first slots with a 19-inch display monitor appeared in the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. Later, developers made some changes. The aim was to increase quality and prevent cheatings. Shortly after, the Nevada State Gaming Commission approved video slot gaming. It resulted in slot machines proliferating across the Las Vegas Strip.
Nowadays, online video slots are present in different markets across the world. That is thanks to casino gaming websites that accept gamblers from many countries.

Key Features

The main idea behind a video slot machine and classic one is the same. That is to spin the reels and wait for symbols to align on a payline resulting in a winning pattern. Besides, you can trigger attractive features during gameplay. Some are free spin rounds, pick’em bonus, wild symbols, and scatter. These features add spice to slots.

Moreover, they can boost your winning chances. Engaging mini-games unfold an extra storyline and add more fun. Gamblers can choose multi-payline, cascading reels slots and high or low-volatility titles. The range is extensive. So that players can customise their gaming experience. All of the above makes the free video slots popular with casino gamers.

Advantages of Free Video Slots

There are lots of advantages. Firstly, you don’t need to spend on gaming. Secondly, first-class developers are in charge of video slots. And Microgaming is one example. The games are fair thanks to a Random Number Generator. Therefore, you can be sure of fair practices. On top of that, free slots don’t need registration. You also don’t have to download it. 
You can play slots on the go on your mobile. So, you are not confined to any space. The player can effortlessly access free slots on online casino websites. If free video slots are part of their promotion, you can check the service too. So, once real money is involved, you know what to expect.
Here are some of the benefits.

  • Risk-free. You don’t need to worry. You enjoy gaming for free. No money is required from your side. So, you can’t lose any. Credits are what you play with. It means winnings and losses are all in credits or coins. With no money at stake, you can check the game. So that after a few spins, you decide if it is worth real money bets or not.
  • No download. Playing free slots means no registration. Furthermore, you don’t need to sacrifice your smartphone’s space. You simply play it in the browser. This way, you save your time for skipping the registration and verification process. Instant access is why many play free casino video slots.
  • Fun-filled. Free video slots are entertaining and action-packed. As it needs no money, you can relax and lose yourself in a moment. You don’t have to think about bankroll. You can enjoy fun elements of free slots. This way, you can try many options and decide what free video slots with bonus features you like the most.
  • Test gameplay. Practice makes perfect. So, playing free slots helps in observing gaming patterns. You get to check the paytable and rules. Also, you can form a strategy. Furthermore, it helps with money management. The aim is to prepare for real money play.
  • Compare. Is there a new online casino? Is there a new slot? No worries, folks! Try them with free slots. There is a big list of online casinos. So, it is difficult to find the best on offer. Play video slots for free at casinos. This way, you can find the most suitable one. You can check services, interface, promotional deals. This way, you will know if the casino website is worth registering with.

Free Video Slots with Bonus Games

How Do Video Slots Work?

Slot machines have changed with time. The industry began with classic slots and developed into VR slots. Classic machines use fruit symbols and a single payline on the screen. Occasionally, it can be a few more. But, video slots involve advanced processors. They showcase theme-related symbols. These can be pyramids, cartoon characters or celebrities. Regardless of the type, their basic working is the same – the results are random. Gameplay produces random outcomes, thanks to RNG.

RNGs produce numbers within milliseconds. These relate to the symbols. It converts numbers to symbols. When reels stop, random symbols appear on the reels. They have an equal chance. So, no one can predict the outcome or rig the machine. 

Machine testing also takes place. Regulatory bodies and testing agencies audit video slots. Hence, they ensure fair practices. An RNG mark certifies fairness and randomness. So, you can rest assured.

Variations of Video Slots

All the casino games have something in common. It is the use of RNG. But, gaming features and gameplay differ. The variations come to reels and paylines. Also, it may offer progressive jackpots. Online gaming considers every factor. Here are the variations in detail. 

  • Reels. The number of reels varies from game to game. Three-reel slots are usually classic ones. Five-reel slots are more common among video slots. You may find cascading reels. There are dynamic reels that change the gameplay. Occasionally, the number of reels may increase during gameplay. That is called expanding reels.
  • Rows. A player will find different slot games. It can be a single row title. Usually, classic fruit slots fall in this category. Unlike this are the modern slots. They are designed with five rows on average. You can find games with extra rows. These may appear during gameplay.
  • Paylines. Slots differ in their betways. A single horizontal payline is standard among classic slots. However, modern slots boast hundreds of pay ways. These can be V-lines, zig-zags, vertical and diagonal. It allows for more ways to form winning patterns.
  • Progressive jackpots. This gaming category comes with a grand prize. The prize pool increases with every spin and active participant. Sometimes it demands to stake higher. This is to get eligible for it. The progressive slot machines can be set across the network of casinos. 

Return to Player (RTP) & Volatility

RTP is a payback percentage. It shows the money paid back to players. These return as winnings to players over time. The higher percentage, the more you can win. However, it is a theoretical calculation. The calculation is based on all the bets placed and various gaming sessions. The formula is as follows:

RTP= total winning amount/ total bet amount.
Online slots RTP is 94%-97% on average. In contrast, the physical slots return percentage varies from 70% to 90%. This low RTP means more money to casinos. This is to manage expenses and get profit. 

Volatility is also known as a variance. It presents the level of risk and the manner of wins. It is a combination of three elements. One is the amount paid out. Second is the number of payouts. The last is the level of risk. It shows how often a player can win. Also how much a player expects to win. High variance slots pay large. However, they show infrequent payouts. This is for high-rollers. Low variance slots are more suitable for low-rollers. Since the category usually produces small but more frequent wins. So, low-risk takers can bet smaller but play longer.
This characteristic measures at different levels. Volatility is classified as high, medium-high, medium, low-medium, or low.

Is It Legal to Play Free Video Slots?

A licensed video slot is legal. Regulatory bodies look after them and ensure their legality. A licensed casino website has a special licenser mark. This is a proof of safety. 

Gambling Regulators

These are special bodies regulating gambling market. They regulate slots, providers, betting, software providers, etc. Broadly, regulators check gambling activities. Each region has its gambling regulator.
These bodies ensure fairness of the game. They look after all gaming activities. They are involved in solving disputes as well. So, you can contact them in this regard.

Video Slots FAQs

  • How do I choose a good video slot?
    Select a legal slot casino. Check game features and description. This includes RTP, variance, bonus rounds, theme, paytable, developer. Are you an Android user? Check if it is mobile compatible. If all the aspects meet your expectations, you are good to go.
  • Do I need to download free video slots? Does it need registration?
    Free slots need no download. Also, it needs no registration. They don’t use any hard drive space. You can instantly play it just in your browser.
  • What are the most popular free video slot machines? 
    Free video slots are aplenty. These games are available at online casinos. Most popular slots come from IGT, Microgaming, Betsoft Gaming. Among the popular picks in 2020 are Quick Hit, Star Burst, and 40 Super Hot.


Can you imagine gaming with no money? Make use of free slots today.Free video slots with bonus rounds are helpful. Amateurs get knowledge of gaming and risk nothing since no money is involved. You can test new games and try new online casinos. With no registration, the gaming gets easier. Especially, with the mobile version. With a firsthand experience, you can choose the best slot among hundreds. Free video slots are the same as the real money slots. So, you can practice games risk-free first. Only then you can segue to real money mode.