Cleopatra Slot Machine

Cleopatra Slot Review

Cleopatra slot game is one of the most popular slots in the online gaming industry created by software developer IGT. Based on the most famed ruler of Egypt, this slot works as a 5Γ—3 classic video grid. There is a total of 20 paylines for you to start tumbling upon prizes. Known as a classic online pokie, the Cleopatra online slot is known throughout the gaming business thanks to kick starting the trend of popular 5Γ—3 slots. Casino games like Aztec Temple, Big 5 Cats and Bombay all started with this. With an RTP of around 95.0%, this is a perfect time for beginners to see what slot gambling is all about.

Cleopatra Slot IGT

Theme and Features of Slot Machine Cleopatra

The main theme of the game is the most famed ruler of all Egypt. Cleopatra went down in history as the most cunning and most gorgeous woman in ages past. Her beauty and her wits are what led Egypt into the modernization that began a new era of progress. The moment the casino game starts, you will be met with her stunning visage. Her eyes will gaze towards you as symbols start tumbling over the reels. A beautiful backdrop of an ancient temple will be in the background. It is no doubt the palace from which she ruled from.If you feel like risking real money, you need to begin signing up with an online casino that has this game available. Register with them in order to deposit and get coins to place bets. Activate the reels by pressing the button and aim towards landing the right combo. A winning combination must consist of three of the same symbols in a row. They must also land one of the 20 paylines. You can land a combination on multiple paylines, allowing you to earn multiple prizes in a single spin. Use the game’s clever bonuses to help give you the edge and earn even more prizes.

Paytable of Cleopatra Slot Machine

The paytable is used to help figure out how much value each symbol is worth. Each symbol’s value will change depending on much cash is being spent. The value will also change depending on how many you have landed in a row. Use the paytable to figure out which prizes of Cleopatra slots are worth getting first. Here is what you are capable of hitting:

Symbol Value for x of a Kind
9 2.00 – 100.00 (2x to 5x)
10, J, Q 5.00 – 100.00 (3x to 5x)
K 5.00 – 100.00 (3x to 5x)
A 10.00 – 125.00 (3x to 5x)
Eye, Sceptre 10.00 – 250.00 (3x to 5x)
Tablet 15.00 – 400.00 (3x to 5x)
Fan, Scarab 2.00 – 750.00 (2x to 5x)
Cleopatra 10.00 – 10,000 (2x to 5x)

Bonuses of the Cleopatra Casino Game

Cleopatra Slot ITG Bonus

As a standard 5Γ—3 grid, you will find many basic elements that you will be accustomed to in games like this one. Things such as the Wild symbol or Scatter symbols will be found aplenty. Aspects that can award you with more chances of winning or increasing the prize altogether. They will all match the theme of Egypt, keeping in touch with what attracts people most about this product. Here is what to expect when playing for the first time:

  • The Wild symbol is the queen herself. You can use her to substitute any other symbol in the game. Use this opportunity to grant yourself more chances of winning.
  • The Scatter is represented as the Sphinx. The Sphinx can be landed three or more times to earn yourself up to 15 free spins. You can land them anywhere on the reels without being in a combination. This includes earning the prize that comes with it.
  • All wins will be tripled during the free spins. What is better is that you can land them again to trigger respins as well, allowing you to keep the chain going for as long as possible and hopefully getting a winning streak.

Mobile Devices

You can play this game on any mobile device if you wish. Thanks to the recent developments in technology, most online slots can be completely compatible with smaller devices. Things such as smartphones or tablets can be used to win while you are on the go. So long as you have an internet connection. HTML5 and SCC3 support comes with most Android and Apple platforms. Make use of them so that you can enjoy the complete graphical quality and smoother casino gameplay.

Play Free Online Cleopatra Slot Machine

Play Cleopatra slots online for free on the official website of the software provider. This allows you to experience free Cleopatra slot machine online before you spend any real coins. Use the demo to let you learn all about the rules at your own pace. You can enjoy everything it has to offer without having to risk any of your finances. What’s better is that both versions work exactly the same, which means that there is no need to worry about any changes to the RTP.

Play for Real Money

If you want to play Cleopatra slot game for real coins, you must first register with an operator of your choosing. To do this, find a list of recommended casinos and operators and pick a dealer from the review page like this one. You can then pick a payment method to deposit your own money into the game, hoping the wins will start tumbling. Some may even come with helpful bonuses such as a prize wheel or extra free spins. The prize wheel may involve other benefits that come with the product itself.

Is It Worth Playing Slot Machine Cleopatra?

The basic understanding of this slot is that it is simple and straight to the point. You can very easily pick up on the rules as the online Cleopatra slot machine utilizes the most basic aspects of online gaming. The usage of the Wild and the Scatter will be the key for you to start earning your winning. Making use of these can help you in the long run when you get more acquainted with the demo. The gameplay is perfect for any gambler out there who wishes to pick up quickly the more generalized rules of slot machine gambling.


  • Where can I play Cleopatra for real money?

You can find a list of recommended casinos from the review pages. Find the ones with the best promotions.

  • Which bonuses are there available in Cleopatra by IGT?

Use the Wild and Scatter symbol for substitutions and Free Spin Rounds.

  • How can I switch to a Cleopatra real money game?

The Cleopatra free online slot will come with a link that can lead you to the operator that accepts cash payments.

  • Is Cleopatra safe to play?

Cleopatra is completely safe since IGT is a licensed company.

  • Can I play Cleopatra on mobile platform?

Yes, provided it comes with full HTML5 and SCC3 support.