Monopoly Slot

An online Monopoly slot machine is the famous board game you know and love. Now it is accessible in an exciting slot variant by International Game Technology, known as IGT. Spinning these reels will be like moving across the board with your favourite playing piece. A new exciting style of gaming mixes the gameplay of slot gambling and board game antics. Only this time, you can win actual money instead of fake paper. Free slot bonuses will also be there that work similarly to the rules you all well know. The reel layout is 5×3 with nine paylines to win on. Let us roll the dice and see where we go next.

Monopoly Free Slot Game IGT

Monopoly Casino Game Features

Immediately when you start, the slot machine Monopoly has exactly what you expect. The Monopoly Man himself will come to greet you as he rains wads of bills from above the reels. Behind the grid, you will find the stacks of dollar bills all in one place in their memorable colours. The board will be shown right underneath as if the slot machine Monopoly is, in fact, a player in itself that is participating. Spinning the reels will create sound effects and clever animations that make the product feel incredibly alive. The features as well will be set in familiar territory for you to quickly grasp with.

Play Monopoly slot game by registering with an online casino. This allows you to make bets on the title by making a deposit first with them. Once the bets are placed, the spinning can begin, and the symbols can land. You have to win a combination of the same symbol three or more times. Once you have secured a win, you can earn a winning streak in the process when hitting on a payline. More than one combination can also be scored to gift you multiple prizes as well. More prizes mean more money to gain. Use bonuses as well to get you more winning chances, offering added benefits to the gameplay itself.

What Can I Win?

Monopoly Slot Paytable

A paytable is an important viewing station in online gambling. It is where you can determine the value of your symbols being used. These payouts that are rewarded will change depending on how much money you bet with. The minimum amount for this title is down to 0.20. The maximum cash deposit goes up to 500.00. Remember to check after any altercation. Here is what you can win with a total of 10.00:

Symbol description Symbol Value (3x to 5x)
Strawberry 5.00-75.00
Any money bills 5.00-45.00
Any house spots 10.00-100.00
Orange 5.00-125.00
Red houses 50.00-600.00
Purple bills 10.00-150.00
Grapes 10.00-150.00
Yellow bills 20.00-300.00
Blue houses 65.00-800.00
Watermelon 12.00-175.00
Blue bills 30.00-450.00
Yellow houses 80.00-1,000.00
Monopoly 2.00-2,000.00 (2x to 5x)

For the bonus features, you may recognise quite a lot of them from your time playing the regular game.

  • The Wild is the man himself, who dives out of a mountain of cash. This can substitute for all other symbols except for the Scatter.
  • The Scatter is the briefcase. Only three of them exist and can land anywhere on the reels. Aligning all three of them will grant you the community chest bonus round. This gives you an instant cash prize, adding on top of your regular winnings.
  • The Pass “GO” Button can also be landed three times. This lets you roll the dice to see how far you get on the board. If you land on the “Free Parking” sector, you will gain a random cash prize. If you land the “Go to Jail” sector, you will be locked behind bars. You can roll the dice in three spins to see if you free yourself or end the bonus round. Multipliers will apply to your three roll spins – 5x for the first, 3x for the second and 2x for the third. The Regular GO Bonus sector can double your rewards if you pass it once and then triple your rewards if you pass it again.

Monopoly Slot Game: Free Vs. Real

Play Monopoly slots online for free without having to start risking any real money. You can find the free Monopoly slot machine online by visiting the official site of the operators. The free online Monopoly slot machine can also be viewed from review sites. This demo will allow you to play with coins instead of your actual money. These coins can then be reset at any time you want, simply by restarting the game. The Monopoly free online slot can let you get some great practice without having to lose anything in the process.

Once you start playing the real version, here are some important elements you need to know. The first is the RTP and volatility. RTP is set at 95.76% with volatility ranging from low to medium. This means that there are some low stakes involved, and only the biggest wins can be gained through bonuses. It is a fairly easy slot to start gaming with for beginners. A link to the best casino sites that have this game can be found from a recommended list. These are seen in reviews. Some have unique promotions like bonus wheel rewards or extra free spins.

Play Easily on Mobile

Mobile devices are completely compatible with IGT slots. That includes the Monopoly online slot. Devices such as smartphones, tablets or more can be used to help create a better gambling routine to fit your own needs. You can take your gaming wherever you go whether you are at a store or on the bus. As long as they support HTML5 software, you can download the game instantly—either the demo version or the real version.

Is It Worth Playing Monopoly?

Monopoly slots can be full of surprises, even for those who have played the original game. There can be so many call-backs to its special cards, houses, player pieces and more. The bonus features themselves are designed with this in mind. Special features can lead you to some great rewards for you to enjoy. They allow a whole wheel of chances to come rushing down. Only this time, there is no dealer family member for you get mad at about money problems.


  • Where can I play Monopoly for real money?

Almost all casino sites connected to the operators will have this title available. Use the recommended lists to find the right casino for you.

  • Which bonuses are there available in Monopoly by IGT?

Use the main feature to play the board game and reveal all the prizes through different mini-games—community chests and Wilds for additional benefits.

  • How can I switch to a Monopoly real money game?

The demo will also allow you to find real versions of the Monopoly slots. Follow a link to the casino and follow the instructions. Real money will be used instead of coins.

  • Is Monopoly safe to play?

IGT is fully licensed and authorised to promote and issue their games, ensuring fairness and safe gambling.

  • Can I play Monopoly on mobile platforms?

Mobile devices are completely compatible, supporting most HTML5 software.

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